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The practice of having member-owned, on-site renewable generation sources that connect to an electric utility's facilities is called "net metering." It is standard practice for electric utilities to have a policy, procedure and rates for net metering that comply with safety requirements and state statutes.

Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative offers net metering to members who own and operate a net metering generating facility subject to:

1. The use of solar, wind, fuel cell or hydroelectric power to generate electricity

2. The nameplate generating capacity up to thirty kilowatts (30kW)

3. The net metering facilities are located on the member-generator's premises

4. The generating facilities will operate in parallel with CCEC's existing transmission and distribution system

5. The generating facilities are intended to primarily offset part or all of the member's own electrical requirements

The cooperative's program is offered in compliance with the State of Oregon ORS 757.262, as amended by House Bill 3219, dated July 8, 1999. The program is administered in accordance with Policy No. 300-050 and the cooperative's Net Metering Rate Schedule. The aggregated level of net metering generation for Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative is currently limited to one-half of one percent (0.5%) of the cooperative's single-hour peak load for the previous five (5) years. Requests will be considered in the order in which they are received.

A member-generator will be required to complete and sign a Net Metering Agreement/Contract with the cooperative that covers the specific terms, agreements and issues such as safety, insurance, ownership, responsibilities, charges and power quality. Costs for engineering and/or construction that is necessary for connecting and operating a net metering facility interconnected to the cooperative's electric system may also be recovered.


Net Metering Information Booklet